the solid wood door process

Into the wooden door manufacturing workshop, deep decryption of the production process of wooden doors

First, the solid wood door process - preparation

1. Drying of the board: the moisture content of the wood is controlled to 8%-10%, and the wood after drying is not prone to bursting deformation;
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2. Balance: Put the dried wood for a period of time to restore the balance of the wood;

3, selection of ingredients: wood products hidden parts can be divided into external materials and crotch materials and dark materials. The exterior material is exposed to the outside, and the internal material is used inside the product, such as the inner and bottom plates. Dark materials refer to parts that are not visible under normal use, such as drawer rails, panel panels, and the like.

4. Rough planing: Thicken the wool board.

5. Wind shear: trim length of wool sheet. The blanking is lengthened by 20 mm according to the required length.

6. Trimming: Cut off the edges that cannot be used on the wool board.

7. Matching board: The wood board is divided into straight lines and mountain lines, and the colors are consistently matched. The width of the board is reasonable according to the required width. When selecting materials, remove the internal crack, end crack, thrift, blue, and dead wood.

8. Cloth glue: evenly spread the glue between the woods, the ratio of the glue: the ratio of curing agent (10-15 grams) and jigsaw glue (100 grams), about 500 grams per time.

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9. Jigsaw: Use the jigsaw machine to assemble the wood, pay attention to the height difference, length difference, color difference, and thrift.

10. Aging: The wood finished with the glue is left for about 2 hours to allow the glue to solidify.

11. Sand Planer: Plan the excess glue between the wood so that there is no excess glue on the wood surface.

12. Saw and Width: Use a single-piece saw to set the width of the wood.

13. Four-sided planing: Plan the wood according to the shape you need.

14. Health: Place the wood naturally for about 24 hours.
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